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Pokken’s Funky Fighting Controller Finds New Purpose On The Switch

Since the Nintendo Switch launched earlier this year, mine has rarely seen the inside of the TV dock. Now that Pokken Tournament DX is here, that’s changed. I need that USB port for Hori’s Pokken Tournament Pro Pad DX—and not just for Pokémon battles. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Some GameStops Refuse To Sell Switches Without Bundles, But GameStop Says That Shouldn’t Happen

At least four GameStops were refusing to sell the Nintendo Switch on its own without a warranty or game attached, Kotaku has learned. And although GameStop’s corporate office says stores shouldn’t be doing that—and that, after being contacted by Kotaku, they have asked those stores to stop—an employee tells us that…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Hackers Say Nintendo Switch Contains A Game That Unlocks On The Date Of Satoru Iwata’s Death

When a Switch owner named Setery told a gaming forum about how NES Golf randomly appeared on her Switch’s screen, commenters accused her console of being haunted. Switch hackers’ subsequent race to unearth NES Golf now indicates that there’s a hidden game on the console and, actually, it appears to be a heartwarming…Read more… Continue […]

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After Ratings Problem, Golf Game Returns To Switch, Minus The Sexy Demon Art

In early August, Zen Studios’ latest game, Infinite Minigolf, was removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop following a sudden shift in the game’s rating from E for Everyone to T for Teen. The racy artwork responsible for the shift is now gone, and the game is finally back up for sale. Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Pokken Tournament Is Way Better On A Console That Isn’t Dead

There was nothing wrong with the Wii U release of Pokémon fighting game Pokken Tournament that couldn’t be solved by Nintendo releasing an entirely new, more fully-realized platform for people to play it on. And here we are. Read more… Continue Reading at

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A sequel to Dillon’s Rolling Western is coming to 3DS in Japan.

A sequel to Dillon’s Rolling Western is coming to 3DS in Japan. The Dead Heat Breakers continues the original 2012 game’s combo of armadillo-rolling action and tower defense, and will also turn your Mii into a furry character in the game. Spring 2018 in Japan, digital and physical, no overseas announcement yet.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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