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Nicolas Jaar astounds with sample-heavy surprise album under lesser-known alias, Against All Logic

Nicolas Jaar has maintained a heavy sense of eccentricity and innovation in his work throughout his tenure as a composer. Though he spent a brief jaunt experimenting in the dance music realm around a decade ago, he’s since internalized the genre’s ubiquity and coherently shifted away from creating it altogether. Jaar’s severely personal music strolls down intellectual promenades that emulate […]

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Nicolas Jaar’s deluxe edition of ‘Sirens’ is here, complete with three new tracks

When Chilean-American experimentalist Nicolas Jaar released Sirens last year, Dancing Astronaut regarded it as an enactment of “magical realism.” In a more present act of magic proportions, Jaar has returned to his seminal personal-political work with the release of a deluxe edition. He’s added three new tracks recorded during the album’s sessions that did not make it to the final version.“A Coin in Nine […]

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Nicolas Jaar shares new track ‘Coin In Nine Hands’ ahead of deluxe ‘Sirens’ release

Nicolas Jaar is releasing a deluxe edition of his 2016 album Sirens on December 8.Ahead of the release, Jaar’s shared an unreleased track from the sessions, “Coin In Nine Hands.”Speaking of the release on Twitter, he said, “this deluxe version of the record is what it should have been all along but i got scared of “coin” and […]

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