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Facebook Is Not Just Destroying Journalism, It Is Wrecking The Fabric Of Society

The number of digital media outlets completely destroyed in the wake of Facebook’s newsfeed purge earlier this year is unknown. We’ve experienced the devastating effects of their war on journalism at the Banter, and have been brought to our knees after they took roughly 70% of our traffic and ad …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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Car And Driver Just Laid Off a Whole Bunch of People

The magazine industry is constantly in turmoil as print readership declines and tech conglomerates gobble up any potential revenue sources that could be had online. Now that unfortunate reality has fallen upon a heavyweight in the car magazine world: Jalopnik has learned that approximately 13 editorial staffers at Car…Read more… Continue Reading at

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According to James Clapper, Being Russian Makes Me Genetically Sketchy

Unless you religiously watch the Sunday news shows, then like me, you probably just read about them online. Highlights are clipped and headline making statements are written up by most media organizations. But every now and then, you hear about something down the line that slipped through the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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