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Due To A Y2K-Like Bug, WWE 2K20 Is Almost Unplayable In 2020

WWE 2K20 is having a rough New Year’s Day. According to multiple reports from Reddit, Twitter and Youtube, many people are unable to play the game now that it’s 2020. Instead of working, the game just crashes when selecting most game modes, including online and career. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Man Witnesses Miracle Of Childbirth While Handcuffed On The Hood Of His Car After Police Chase

What’s likely one of the more commonly fantasized excuses for a car chase was no excuse early New Year’s Day, as Carl Alewine witnessed the birth of his daughter handcuffed to the hood of his car after getting pulled over speeding to the hospital.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Arty releases trance-packed mix under his Alpha 9 moniker

At the very tail end of 2017, Arty pulled off a surprise by releasing an hour-long trance mix under his Alpha 9 moniker.It’s been nearly a year since the Russian producer revived the Alpha 9 name and began putting out tracks like “The Night Is Ours” and “Skin.” He cited creative reasons for bringing the […]

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Race Into 2018 With This Awesome Porsche 911 Art Timelapse

Renowned automotive artist Nicolas Hunziker likes to ring in each new year with a quick vintage automotive-themed painting to celebrate the occasion. This time he’s chosen to depict a scene of Porsche’s famous 1968 911R sprinting past the pits while a member of the crew holds up the pit board. The 12-month-long race…Read more… Continue […]

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