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WATCH: Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto Calls Trump A Liar To His Face, Over and Over

Neil Cavuto is no hero. The Fox News Channel host has always been a team player, dutifully cheerleading first for George W. Bush and now for Donald Trump.  We’ve seen Fox News people occasionally criticize Trump and, before him, Bush, but we’ve never quite seen a non-Shepard-Smith anchor on …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Fox News (???) Lays Waste To Trump’s Presidency With Extraordinary Rundown Of His Lies

Fox News must be a strange place to work these days. While the network’s coverage of president Trump has been steadfastly supportive, there are a few rogue journalists and presenters who have deviated from Rupert Murdoch’s script. Shep Smith, Judge Napolitano, Neil Cavuto, and Chris Wallace …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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