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Alex Jones is a Problem, But America’s Ignorance is an Even Bigger One

After a tumultuous week that included calls for boycotts, advertisers dropping out, and a leaked recording of a pre-interview phone call, Megan Kelly’s 17-minute special on Alex Jones finally aired. Kelly was more than critical during her questioning of the radio host and InfoWars founder, …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Megyn Kelly Had Freedom Russian Journalists Don’t, Yet Failed to Hold Vladimir Putin to Account

Tough luck for anyone who was hoping to feel satisfied after watching Megyn Kelly’s much anticipated interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The roughly 10 minute discussion was featured on the debut episode of NBC’s new program, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. While she is often heralded …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Watch Katy Perry & Migos Performance of New Hit, “Bon Appetit” on SNL

The Migos make their Saturday Night Live debut as they perform their new collaborative hit alongside Katy Perry, “Bon Appetit”. Presented by Saturday’s guest host, The Rock, Kate and Migos turn their performance into a food fight as they perform around a buffet and end up throwing fruit at the table’s guest. recreating the official […]

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All the Science Fiction and Fantasy TV to Watch (or Avoid) This Summer

When summer comes, it brings with it lazy days in the sun and kids free of school. It also brings a slew of TV shows, perfect for watching when it’s too hot to leave the air conditioning (which is most of the time). Here’s the io9 guide to everything our beloved nerdy genres are putting […]

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