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Mura Masa makes tough love look fun on ‘Complicated’ music video [Watch]

It’s not a breakup song, but it’s not a love song, either. Mura Masa‘s latest single, “Complicated” emerged as a hybrid that lyrically bemoaned the difficulties of love, but when it came to sonic arrangement, Mura Masa took the road less traveled, opting not for a slow paced, piano driven tear jerker, but a spunky, […]

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Mura Masa and Skrillex have teamed up and the result is ‘Complicated’

What happens when Mura Masa and Skrillex pair up? The result one might expect from two established talents who refuse to stick themselves in a creative box. Titled “Complicated,” it is indeed a tangle of tropical-tinged synths, a reggae-inspired bassline, and futuristic vocals courtesy of Nao — dressed with subtle guitar riffs that add depth […]

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WATCH: Nile Rodgers & Chic join forces with Mura Masa & Nao on funky new track

Nile Rodgers has proven his knack for writing hit songs over the past five decades, with collabs from Duran Duran to Daft Punk under his belt. Keeping up with the newest names in funky pop music, Rodgers and Chic have taken to the Jools Holland show on BBC Two with Mura Masa and NAO to […]

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