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Remember Someone’s Name by Thinking of Your Friends

I’m bad at names. So are you. Everyone’s bad at names. You’ve read a million tips for remembering people’s names, and none of them have worked. But maybe this one will! It’s one of the simplest, least gimmicky tricks I’ve heard, and I’ve used it before without really thinking about it. Redditor analogHedgehog says:Read more… […]

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What to Call People From Every State

You probably know a few state demonyms—the words you call people or things from a specific state—like “Pennsylvanian” or “Texan” or the entertaining “Michigander.” You might even know that Wikipedia keeps a list of semi-official state demonyms, plus alternate options. But did you know that state demonyms follow a…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Come Up With the Perfect Name for Anything with These Helpful Web Tools

Naming things is hard, especially if the name needs to be unique. Over the years I’ve worked for sites named Urlesque (rhymes with burlesque, it’s about memes), Slacktory (it’s a factory for slacking), and Valleywag (which came scarily close to being called “Boomshank”). I always loved the evocative site names of the…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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