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Kaskade and Mr. Tape reconvene for rousing cut, ‘Come On’

Kaskade and Mr. Tape are keeping the club burners coming with “Come On.” The entreating number is another notch in the producers’ carved-up collaborative post. To date, Kaskade and the Mr. Tape duo have hopped on a number of nuanced cuts together. In the past, they’ve showed off their creative synergy on “Fun,” “Show of […]

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NMF Roundup: ZHU and partywithray join forces, Ekali and Kiiara deliver ‘Back To You’ + more

It’s most important day of the week: New Music Friday. With the overwhelming amount of tunes hitting the airwaves today, Dancing Astronaut has you covered with the latest edition of The Hot 25. ZHU and partywithray craft a sinister masterpiece on their new collaboration, “Came For The Low,” and Ekali and Kiiara are a dynamic duo when they […]

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Kaskade to release third EP in Redux family, ‘Redux 003’

Kaskade fans, prepare to be “disarmed”—the third installment in Kaskade’s Redux EP series is on its way. The arrival of Redux 003 will mark the first release in the Redux family since 2017’s seven-track Redux 002. Redux 002 invited featured artists, LöKii, Mr. Tape, and Late Night Alumni, to blend their own unique sounds into the deeper side of Kaskade’s aesthetic. The sleek, […]

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Kaskade releases ‘Redux EP 002’

It’s been years since Kaskade‘s first Redux EP came out, but the wait is over — the second installment is has been released.Redux EP 002 is out Sept. 1, featuring the predicted six songs and an additional single called “That Dance” with LöKii.The deep house EP perfectly showcases the concept behind Kaskade’s Redux movement. With the inaugural […]

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