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Carl Cox named official ambassador of 2021 London Motor Show

While many may know Carl Cox as one of the godfathers of house and techno, the English DJ and producer has also established his name in the racing world with his Carl Cox Motorsport venture. The company, launched in 2013, has since introduced a variety of teams in different motor racing styles to events around […]

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I Continue To Be Impressed By The Ragdoll Physics Of Motorcycle Racers

It’s in the nature of a racing motorcycle to try and buck its rider off, and it’s always impressive when a rider manages to hold on for dear life when the going gets really very rough. Science can not explain how Steven Odendaal managed to hold on to his bike during last weekend’s Czech Republic […]

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There is Nothing Quite So Unpredictable As Mazda MX-5 Cup Racing at Road America

There is little in racing more incongruous than putting an entire swarm of relatively low-power MX-5 Cup cars out on the long-straights of Wisconsin’s famed race course. This just shouldn’t work, the track is usually seen as one that rewards big power and even bigger cubic inches. The long start/finish straight is…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Toyota GR Supra GT4 Concept: Why Must Toyota Make Us Beg

Get out your bingo cards, there’s yet another 2019 Toyota Supra concept car. This one, the Toyota GR Supra GT4 Concept, is what a privateer racing Supra could look like. In fact, it’s almost exactly what Toyota could sell you. Instead of doing that, we’re just calling this a concept for now.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Why Now Is a Great Time to Get Into Supercross

The frenetic dirtbike races taking over baseball and football stadiums known as Supercross are a blast to watch on their own, but this year the sport promises to be particularly hot. The two riders who claimed all eight titles between 2010 and 2017 have retired, leaving a highly competitive field to put their mark on…Read more… […]

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