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I’m Jason Kottke, Creator of, and This Is How I Parent

Jason Kottke knows how to find stuff that’ll make you stop, look and think. When you visit his blog, you feel like you’ve entered a rare hideaway on the internet—it’s a place to explore curiosities around the web that haven’t been shared 23 times on your Facebook feed. (Recent posts include the history and…Read […]

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I’m Jenny Rosenstrach, Creator of ‘Dinner: A Love Story,’ and This Is How I Parent 

Jenny Rosenstrach wants to help fellow parents answer that constant, nagging question: What’s for dinner? And for the past eight years, the mom of two has been doing so by sharing recipes and delightful personal musings on her website Dinner: A Love Story. (For an intro, check out her posts on dinner prep strategies, …Read more… […]

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How to Help Your Teen Get More Sleep 

When it comes to teens getting enough sleep, numerous forces are working against them. Early school start times are wreaking havoc on their circadian rhythms. An overload of after-school activities is turning bedtime into gotta-start-on-homework time. The buzz of texts from friends, the screens shining in their faces…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Work During Your Hours of Peak Productivity

With 2018 here, you’ve probably got a list of resolutions you’d like to keep, goals you’re itching to accomplish, and habits you’d love to cement into your daily routine. Of course, these monumental tasks and projects will take some time, but it’s better to know when you’re most likely to get them done to keep…Read […]

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