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Hotel Garuda stuns on first original release featuring his own vocals, ‘Head In The Trees’

When it comes to musical output, it’s clear that Hotel Garuda isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Initially comprised of Manila Killa and Candleweather, the duo first became renowned for their feel-good house tunes. Then in the summer of 2018, the duo parted ways, leaving Candleweather to continue on as the face of the brand while […]

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Jai Wolf steps outside for spring with new single, ‘This Song Reminds Me Of You’

Winter seems to be on its way out. The coals of fireplaces have cooled, windows have opened, the wind is now welcomed. In tune with this feeling, Jai Wolf‘s latest track, “This Song Reminds Me Of You,” has been released. “This Song Reminds Me Of You” features synths that traverse smoothly over any landscape, over […]

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