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Tesla Blames Driver In Fatal Model X Autopilot Crash As Family Considers Legal Action 

Tesla has released a statement blaming last month’s fatal crash involving a Tesla Model X in Autopilot mode on the driver who died in the incident following news that his family is exploring legal options against the automaker.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Tesla Owners Can Get A New Model 3 Sooner Than Everyone Else

There’s been plenty of chatter about delays to the production schedule for Tesla’s Model 3, but the automaker’s also reportedly facing a backlog with the more expensive Model S and Model X. For current Tesla owners, that means if you placed an order today, you could get a Model 3 sooner, reports Electrek—so long as…Read […]

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Tesla Internal Quality Checks ‘Routinely’ Reveal Defects In Model S And Model X Cars: Report

Internal quality checks at Tesla have “routinely revealed” defects in more than 90 percent of Model S and X vehicles after they come off the production line, according to a new report from Reuters. Tesla countered by saying any reworking of cars post-assembly shows that it’s committed to quality.Read more… Continue Reading at

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