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Fighting Games Have Come A Long Way

It’s common knowledge that fighting game sprites have grown larger and more refined as technology has improved, at least in those rare few games that still use them. But I never truly appreciated how big of a difference there is between the classics and their modern counterparts before now.Read more… Continue Reading at

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It Feels Really Good To Watch Someone Get So Delighted By A Twingo Modified For Drifting

I think it’s safe to say that here at Jalopnik, we’re very much in favor of the following: Twingos, drifting, rear engines, making cheap shitboxes even more fun, and being openly and unashamedly delighted by any or all of the following. As someone frequently thrilled by cheap shitboxes, I admit I feel a sort of…Read […]

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Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod Project Aims To Make The Game Play Even Faster

Chilean Smash Bros. pro, streamer, and modder Felipe “Nyx” Monteiro recently showed off the latest additions to his ProjectNX mod for Smash Bros. Ultimate on his Twitch channel. Already months in the works, Monteiro’s goal is to make a version of Ultimate that incorporates his favorite techniques and moves from the…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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After Latest Minecraft Update, Fans Are Creating In-Game TVs

Minecraft’s latest snapshot update, 19w07a, changed the way paintings work which has allowed some crafty players to create in-game TVs. The new update, which also added adorable foxes into the game, breaks paintings into multiple textures. Before this update, paintings in Minecraft were created using a single texture.…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Someone Got Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Working On A Sony Watchman

Sometimes gaming enthusiasts are so preoccupied with whether or not they can, they never stop to think if they should. How else to explain one Smash Bros. fan’s decision to create an elaborate retro electronics setup so they could play 10 rounds of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the 1.8 inch screen of a Sony […]

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Zelda, Banjo Kazooie Levels Modded Into Super Mario Odyssey

Perhaps to give Odyssey that Smash Bros/Nintendo Museum feel, modder ItzSka has been importing custom levels into the Switch platformer, like Clanker’s Cavern from Banjo Kazooie and the exterior of Wind Waker’s Dragon Roost Island.Read more… Continue Reading at

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