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Mitt Romney Hopes People Don’t See That He’s Just Like Trump

Mitt Romney has crept back into the national headlines again due to a highly critical op-ed piece in the Washington Post about Donald Trump. In typical fashion, we’ve had media types like Joe Scarborough, Ezra Klein, #NeverTrumpers like Max Boot and historians like Walter Isaacson fawning over his …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Romney Declares Support For Trump’s Wall, Proves Again How Spineless Republicans Are

Well, that lasted long. After publishing a scathing Op-Ed about Trump in the Washington Post this week, newly elected Senator Mitt Romney did what Republicans do best: cower when it matters most.  In the midst of a GOP stand off with the Democrats over Trump’s Great Wall, Romney has waded into …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Mitt Romney Signals To Trump That Republicans Are Done With Him

Yesterday, Mitt Romney sent a powerful message to Donald Trump in the form of a scathing Op-Ed in the Washington Post. Romney told Trump that his presidency was in “deep descent”, that his presidential leadership has been woeful, and that his actions “have caused dismay around the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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A Short, Sad History Of Soon To Be Irrelevant Paul Ryan

Yes, folks, you read that headline correctly. In a story broken by Axios this morning, Paul Ryan, the 54th Speaker of the House of Representatives, will retire from Congress at the end of this current session, becoming the first sitting Speaker to forgo re-election in an election year since …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The Kremlin Kept Romney from Becoming Secretary of State, and Other Revelations

This morning, New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer published a summation of Christopher Steele and his investigation into Donald Trump that culminated in BuzzFeed leaking his dossier to the press shortly before Trump’s inaugural last year. It is the most thorough article that I have read on the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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MEMBERS ONLY: Mitt Romney: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Since the rise of Trump, it’s been tempting to revise our collective memory of the 2012 election and make Mitt Romney seem like a good guy. After all, he smiles a lot, he seems like a loving grandfather, and he did invent Obamacare. I’ve gone easy on him too: on my second day of grad […]

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