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Tesla’s Stock Is Down And Elon Musk Isn’t The World’s Richest Person Anymore

Elon Musk still isn’t poor, Ford has an F-150 recall, and Mitsubishi. All that and more in The Morning Shift for Feburary 23, 2021.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Is Pretty Much Exactly What You’d Expect From Mitsubishi

The most interesting thing about the new Mitsubishi Outlander is that the launch of the new crossover was conducted via livestream on Amazon Prime Live. In fairness, that bit of information isn’t exactly interesting. Considering Mitsubishi calls this its “flagship” model, it seems like the company could have pushed…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Mitsubishi Unveils New Concept Car That’s Just The New 2022 Eclipse Cross But Imagines That People Actually Buy It

Today Mitsubishi announced their freshly re-styled 2022 Eclipse Cross and an all-new concept car that consists of Mitsubishi’s vision of a near-future Eclipse Cross that’s exactly like the one they showed today, but people are actually buying it. It’s this kind of wild, out-of-the-box thinking that makes concept cars…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Mitsubishi Found A Way To Make Me Bummed About Online Car Sales

Oh, boy. How did it come to this, Mitsu? You had the Evo, the Montero, the Delica. And now you have this nondescript box that says Amazon prime on it.Read more… Continue Reading at

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