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To Defeat Perfectionism, Make Mistakes on Purpose 

The urge to be perfect can prevent you from taking action. You don’t share creative projects that aren’t 100% ready, or you’re afraid to ask someone out if you’re not sure it’s exactly right—so you just … don’t. If you’re feeling stymied by this need to never screw up, try making a mistake on purpose. […]

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To Stop Worrying So Much, Deflate Your Own Ego

I know from neurosis. Seconds before writing this post, I heard “Hey Soul Sister” come up on our office’s playlist. I saw a visitor sitting someone from outside the company sitting in the lobby, and my bad broken brain thought, Oh no, what if she’s here for an interview and thinks our company is the […]

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Why Smart People Make Stupid Mistakes

As you know, when other people make stupid mistakes, it’s because they’re fundamentally incompetent. When you make a stupid mistake, it’s because of specific circumstances, and/or because someone else is fundamentally incompetent. Adam Robinson, chess master and Princeton Review founder, has identified seven factors…Read more… Continue Reading at

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If You Fail at Tempering Chocolate, You Can Always Make Truffles

I was making peppermint bark last weekend, a treat this very website has described as “incredibly easy,” and I fucked it up. I had poured a layer of perfectly-tempered dark chocolate onto a parchment-coated sheet pan, and then I mixed peppermint oil into my white chocolate. Just as I was about to pour the white…Read […]

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