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New German Law Allows Women To See The Salaries Of Their Male Coworkers

  One of my friends, who is currently living in Berlin, works as a software programmer for a multinational corporation. He was telling me how his females colleagues can now request to know how much he earns, but he is not allowed to know the wages of his female peers. Since 2017, the cultural Marxists […]

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6 Strategies For Beating False Sexual Allegations At Work

As men enter lucrative positions and ascend up the ladders of success, an increasingly common tactic to derail them is the malicious false allegation.  Modern employment culture places masculine men at the mercy of women with whom they share the workplace.  That, coupled with the fact that human resources and personnel departments are overwhelmingly dominated […]

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Switzerland Proves That More Gun Laws Are Not The Solution To America’s Mass Shooting Problem

I was lucky enough to be a part of one of the last great Boy Scout troops here in North Texas, where we were taught proper marksmanship by an ex-special forces scoutmaster. He ran the troop military-style, dividing us into patrols, where we could attain ranks such as patrol leader and assign push-ups to disobedient […]

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6 Examples Of How Disney Is Brainwashing Young Girls To Be Feminist Slaves

In 1937, the Walt Disney Studios released its first fully animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and pioneered a new form of family entertainment. Disney didn’t have a reputation for being feminism friendly; what with all the waiting for Prince Charming in their earlier movies. But recently they have been more open about […]

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