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Holy Crap The Thai Military Still Uses Volkswagen Things

I suppose it’s possible that you weren’t aware that it was Thailand’s National Army Day on January 18th—that may explain why I didn’t get a card or a call from you or anything. That’s okay, I’m not mad, because I’ve just learned that Thailand is still using a good number of beautifully-maintained Volkswagen Type 181s…Read […]

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The Partisan One Is A Flat-Pack Allegedly Bomb-Proof Military Vehicle With A 100-Year Warranty

If you have an Erector Set laying around somewhere, congratulations! You’re properly equipped to make an accurate scale model of a new military vehicle concept, the Partisan One. The Partisan One is a rugged, wildly basic 4×4 that’s built from a simple frame of right angles and bolt-on parts. It’s supposed to be…Read more… Continue […]

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