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Mercy’s Redesign Shows The Tug Of War Between Casual And Competitive Overwatch

In the past month, the healer Mercy in Overwatch has experienced an unprecedented boom in popularity across all competitive levels, especially in the highest tiers. The big spike in Mercy usage coincides with a massive overhaul of her abilities, courtesy of a patch implemented on September 19. These huge changes have…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Almost Everyone Is Playing Overwatch With A Mercy On Their Team Now

Overwatch’s angelic healer Mercy got a massive makeover this month. The changes have turned her into the most popular hero across all levels of competitive play, according to data from hundreds of thousands of Overwatch player profiles collected by the fan-run site Omnic Meta.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Lookas ends long hiatus with new single ‘Mercy’

After a nine-month long break from the king of trap, Lookas has finally returned — and in some style. During his three-year tenure as a producer, Lookas has developed an incredibly dynamic yet refined sound, helping him forge a formidable musical persona in the process.Given his lengthy hiatus from active production, there was an incredible […]

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