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Italian Coachbuilder’s Modified G-Wagen Sure Looks Like This 2012 Mercedes Concept

Italy has always been the home of small coachbuilding companies that take manufacturer’s cars and give them novel and exciting new bodies. Think Zagato, Italdesign, Pininfarina. They specialized in making cars that looked like nothing else. Ares is an Italian coachbuilder, too, but they seem to be more about making…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Mercedes Is Making A G-Wagon Crossover Purpose Built For Rich Road-Going: Report

Mercedes-Benz is finally catching on that rich people don’t buy the boxy G-Wagon for its brutish off-roading capability, so the SUV originally designed for military use will be inspiring a new crossover that still looks the part, but won’t feel like you’re about to democratize a small country.Read more… Continue Reading at

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