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‘Art’s Dream’ Is A Stunning Showcase Of What’s Possible In Dreams For PS4

“Art’s Dream,” which was created by Media Molecule to demonstrate the versatility of PlayStation 4 creation tool Dreams, is a two-hour point-and-click adventure, platform puzzler, brawler, side-scrolling shooter, vehicle shooter, and more. All that, plus it’s got four musical numbers.Read more… Continue Reading at

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This Breakfast Looks Deliciously Real But Was Actually Made In Dreams

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to science and my mom. But while this big plate of breakfast looks tasty, it sadly can’t be eaten. This entire meal was not made in a real kitchen but was actually created in the video game Dreams on PS4.Read more… Continue Reading at

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This Cute Kaiju Rampage Is The Best Dreams Level I’ve Played So Far

There’s plenty of games about fighting and hunting monsters, but not enough games about being a monster and smashing things up. Thankfully there’s Dreams, the incredible creative game that’s led to everything from serialized puppet shows to playable Final Fantasy VII Remake battles. Some intrepid Dreams players have…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Professional Animator Uses Dreams To Make Excellent Puppet Show

We’ve seen amateur creators build Star Wars games and recreate movie scenes in Media Molecule’s PlayStation 4 creativity tool. What happens when professional animator David “Swatpaz” Ferguson gets his hands on Dreams? A lovely puppet show with odd giraffes happens. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Even In Early Access, Dreams Is An Impressive Showcase Of Creativity

The breathtaking painting above is called “Demon’s Penance.” It was created by artist Tomasz Mrozinski using tools included within Media Molecule’s Dreams, released this week in early access for the PlayStation 4. I’ve been staring at it for hours. It’s one of the dozens of games, musical arrangements, sculptures,…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Dreams Beta Players Are Building Jupiter’s Moons And Beautiful Fried Eggs

Dreams, Media Molecule’s sandbox for people to create, share, and play one another’s games, has been in closed beta since December 2018. Now that the non-disclosure agreement for that initial beta has expired, Dreams beta players can finally give everybody else a better look at what the game actually is, and it looks…Read more… Continue […]

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