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Fight Fake News with This Chrome Extension

Chrome: The same open-source software company that wants to keep crappy advertising out of your browser also wants to keep “fake news” from enriching your life. Or, at the very least, Eyeo wants to show you whether your favorite news sites are full of FUD and bias. And If that’s your cup of tea, take […]

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How to Spot Bullshit Polls in the News

When you’re reading the news, it can feel reassuring when the journalist backs up their claim with survey results. But not all surveys are equally trustworthy. Thankfully there are a few telltale signs of untrustworthy polls—as well as polls you can kind of trust. Yeah, it’s a spectrum.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Spot a Fake Video

Using an increasingly sophisticated method for making fake videos, or “deepfakes,” video editors can realistically face-swap someone into a video. (As our sister site Gizmodo reports, the technology has been especially popular for making fake celebrity porn.) Deepfakes will soon make it hard to tell when a video of a…Read more… Continue Reading at

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