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Traffic Noise Could Hurt More Than Your Ears

Urbanization has its ups and downs, which mostly have to do with how the environment affects our physical wellbeing. Big cities have the best food, but they have pollution in many forms, and it turns out noise pollution is dangerous beyond causing harm to our hearing.Read more… Continue Reading at

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You Can Still Slide A Vehicle With Stability Control

Plenty of cars these days come equipped with some form of stability control to prevent cars from skidding out of control—but it doesn’t make for particularly adventurous driving. But never fear, folks. Team O’Neil Rally School is here to show you how to slide with stability control activated.Read more… Continue Reading at

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QOTD: Ever Had A Car Problem A Mechanic Couldn’t Solve?

I used to own an almost perfect Volkswagen Passat TDI wagon. I say almost perfect because it suffered from some unknown demon that kept acceleration leisurely and forced it into limp mode when approaching highway speeds. The previous owner had brought to his local Volkswagen dealership and he decided to sell when…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Even The American Military Is Struggling With Right-To-Repair

Imagine that you’re stationed at an outpost deep in a conflict zone. Your MRAP’s alternator is busted and you’ve got a spare, but your mechanic tells you that she’ll void the warranty if you let her replace it. It’s either tow the whole thing out or let it sit there wasting space. That’s what American […]

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Should I Repair or Just Replace My Old Car?

One of life’s simple pleasures is not having to make a car payment every month. Your trusty ride is paid off, only costing you for gas, insurance and repairs.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Preventive Maintenance You Need to Do On Your Car (and When)

If you have a car, it can be tempting just to ignore any type of maintenance unless something goes wrong. We probably don’t have to tell you that this is a bad idea. However, not everyone agrees on what preventive maintenance is, what you should do and when you should do it. Let’s clear that […]

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