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Reduce Smoke by Greasing the Steak Instead of the Pan When Searing Indoors

A bit of smoke is unavoidable when searing a steak and, if you don’t have a vent over your stove, that smoke can linger, ruining the vibe of your otherwise excellent steak dinner. You can’t eliminate smoke completely, but you can dramatically decrease the amount produced by lightly oiling your steak instead of the pan.Read […]

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Deep cuts: A beginner’s guide to cooking offal

Offal—the organs and other bits of an animal typically discarded by butchers, also known as variety meats or an animal’s fifth cut—doesn’t always get the love it deserves. Most people know that plenty of immigrants to the U.S. cook with offal, from Chinese chicken feet to German liver dumplings to Mexican tongue tacos…Read more… Continue […]

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