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Deep cuts: A beginner’s guide to cooking offal

Offal—the organs and other bits of an animal typically discarded by butchers, also known as variety meats or an animal’s fifth cut—doesn’t always get the love it deserves. Most people know that plenty of immigrants to the U.S. cook with offal, from Chinese chicken feet to German liver dumplings to Mexican tongue tacos…Read more… Continue […]

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The FDA Has Finally Approved the Impossible Burger to Be Sold at Grocery Stores

Despite a flashy debut at CES 2019 for version 2.0 of its Impossible Burger, Impossible Foods has only been able to sell its plant-based fake meat patties to restaurants and fast food joints. But the FDA has finally given its approval for a key blood-simulating ingredient that makes the Impossible Burger look, feel,…Read more… Continue […]

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How to Stuff a Chicken Thigh

It’s a cold, hard truth that people who prefer chicken breasts to thighs are less sensual. Like the plastic-wrapped styrofoam packaging you’ll find them in, boneless, skinless, joyless chicken breasts take the primal pleasure out of eating. The things that remind us that the meat came from a living, breathing…Read more… Continue Reading at

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