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Learning to Not-Hate My Pandemic Beard

In March, the week America first started taking coronavirus seriously, a 2017 CDC guide about pandemic-appropriate facial hair resurfaced. Initially, I brushed off the graphic, which advised shaving my beard because it could interfere with the proper fit of a face mask—at the time, we weren’t supposed to be wearing…Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Devolution Of The West Can Be Seen Through Popular Sports

I am not interested in football, neither the American distortion of rugby nor soccer. Unsurprisingly, this can leave one ostracised from many conversations in the workplace and other modern, bourgeois scenarios. Is it because these sports are just too masculine and rough? On the contrary, it is because they are too feminine! Things only get […]

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Men Have Foolishly Ignored The Warning In The Book Of Genesis

“If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts.” – Camille Paglia The Book of Genesis has a warning to men and to civilizations. People typically only focus on certain phrases in the Genesis account and thus, miss the warning. God’s pronouncement of judgement upon Adam and Eve […]

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How The Second American Civil War Will Unfold

Previously: America Is Headed Towards A Civil War The coming U.S. Civil War will not have the same outcome as the U.S. Civil War in the 19th Century. As society breaks down, other parts of our economy and civilization break down. Businesses will cease to operate. General services will become unavailable, and confidence in government […]

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The War On Male Sexuality

The government and society is waging war on men’s sexuality. We are being attacked for being men. Everything that is perceived to be male or masculine is being attacked, put down, condemned, and criticized. The general idea is the attacks are simply the outgrowth of feminism; this is partially true. The attacks are from feminism’s […]

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Most Anglo Men Are Cucks

If you are an avid reader of ROK, you will by now be familiar with the catastrophic condition of Western Civilisation. You will also, via the almost repetitive literary exploration on the part of the myriad of writers here at ROK, be deftly familiar with the nuanced reasons as to why this is the case. […]

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The Link Between Your Testosterone And Sexual Attractiveness To Women

Seventy-six men were brought into a lab in pairs and instructed to compete for the attention of an attractive female confederate. As it turned out, the men’s testosterone levels directly tied with their expression of dominant behavior and with how much the female confederate indicated that she “clicked” with each man. Researchers from the study concluded: […]

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4 Reasons Why Men Should Read Bronze Age Mindset

The minds of Western men have become calcified through the years due to repeat exposure of the same lies, convenient half-truths, and disinformation campaigns. Our media, academia, and politics have become so full of these pestilent falsehoods that one is hard-pressed to name a significant, positive contribution to the Western canon from recent years. While […]

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Become The Self-Sufficient And Self-Assured Man Who Feminists Love To Hate

The latest wave of modern feminism and identity politics has ushered in a new level of intolerance towards men. Mainstream media and our increasingly effeminate culture continue to declare the masculine man an anachronism—an identity belonging to the men of a bygone era. Well, I say fuck that. It’s high time we reclaim our collective […]

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