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The Avengers Game Has A Tie-In Comic About How The Team’s Troubles Started

Square Enix’s upcoming Avengers video game begins with a tragic mission that tears the superhero team apart. In issue one of Marvel’s Avengers: Iron Man, the first official tie-in comic book for the game, we learn that the team’s falling out starts long before the game begins. Read more… Continue Reading at

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You Can Finally See Some Gameplay From The Avengers Video Game

Aside from a quickly-squashed leak, it hasn’t been possible to see the E3 2019 gameplay demo for Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Marvels’ Avengers game. That would be the intro level that E3 attendees said was somewhat more encouraging than the game’s maligned E3 trailer. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Final Fantasy VII Remake, Avengers, And Other Promising (And Confusing) Games We Saw At E3

E3 2019 brought us demos and details about games we can’t wait to play, like Link’s Awakening and the Final Fantasy VII remake, but it also threw us some real head-scratchers, like that upcoming Avengers game. On this week’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen, we ran down all the coolest and most befuddling games that we…Read […]

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Something Feels Off About The Avengers Gameplay Demo

Crystal Dynamics’ take on Avengers looks like a slightly skewed version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—just similar enough to pique your interest, but just different enough to make you feel itchy. Five of the most film-famous Avengers star in a 25-minute gameplay demo that Kotaku saw behind closed doors at E3: Thor,…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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