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Inio Asano Is A Dark Manga Artist For Adults Who Want Something Real

When you’re an adult, sprawling out in the manga aisle of your neighborhood bookstore with a copy of Fruits Basket isn’t the same. Even though it’s got nostalgic appeal for adults longing to relive their childhoods, manga written for teens might not be stimulating enough for the 20+ crowd. These days when I read…Read more… […]

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Eromanga Sensei Comes To Eromanga Island 

In Japanese, the island of Erromango is “Eromangatou” (エロマンガ島), or “Eromanga Island.” The words “ero” (エロ) and “manga” (マンガ) are clearly visible, while the kanji 島 (shima or tou) means “island”. This is why one man, it seems, decided to visit and bring ero-manga themed comics to show the locals.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Manga’s Dick Drawing Causes International Incident

In the latest Yarisugi!!! Itazura-Kun, a serialized gag manga for kids, an image of Genghis Khan is shown with a dick doodled on his forehead, along with the word “penis” in Japanese. An international incident ensued, involving protests, an angry sumo wrestler and an apology to the Mongolian Embassy.Read more… Continue Reading at

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