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Football, Reviewed

Maybe some impending social situation requires you to understand football. Or maybe you’re just interested in the sport because beer commercials have started to reference Game of Thrones. Well, Kotaku Dot Com’s Tim Rogers (that’s me) is here to help you out with this handy video. It’s a lot like my words-based review…Read more… Continue […]

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NFL Signs On To Co-Organize, Overhaul Madden 18 Championships

Today, Electronic Arts and the NFL announced the launch of the Madden NFL Club Championship, an esports event that involves all 32 of the NFL’s teams. The competition, which will be part of this year’s Madden NFL Championship Series, starts on August 22, which is the game’s preorder release day. Starting today,…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Madden 18’s New Story Mode Is Actually Pretty Touching

Madden NFL 18 has a story mode, a first for a Madden game. Called “Longshot,” it follows the career of fictional would-be quarterback Devin Wade. Unlike Madden 18’s Ultimate Team mode, which allows you to feel like an all-powerful football god who can make record-setting numbers of touchdowns per game, Longshot isn’t…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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