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This Free macOS 8 Emulator Lets You Play ‘Oregon Trail’

macOS 8, not to be confused with OS X 10.8—which you’re probably much more familiar with—is a 1990s-era operating system that found a home on ancient Apple systems with decidedly old-school names, such as “Power Macintosh” and “PowerBook.” But now, you can use it for free on any modern Mac or Windows PC—or at least […]

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Everything You Need to Watch Netflix in 4K on Your Mac

Several Mac desktops and laptops have all the hardware they need to stream 4K HDR video from services like Netflix, but they’ve been hamstrung by Safari’s limited video codec support. Luckily, Apple is updating its stock browser with support for the HEVC codec so users can finally watch 4K HDR shows and movies on…Read more… […]

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26 Years Later, Classic Adventure Beneath A Steel Sky Gets The Sequel It Deserves

Way back in 1994, Revolution Software released Beneath a Steel Sky, a cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game collaboration between Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil and comic artist and Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons. I spent the weekend with Beyond a Steel Sky, a sequel I’ve been waiting over two and a half…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Civilization VI’s Crossplay Randomly Broke Last Week, But It Should Be Fixed This Month

PC and Mac players of Civilization VI aren’t able to face off in multiplayer matches of global domination as of last week, since the 4X strategy game’s crossplay feature suddenly ceased to function. But the game’s developer says it should be back online before the month is out.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Disable or Hide Your MacBook’s Touch Bar

Lifehacker Managing Editor Joel Cunningham had a quirky quarantine-inspired question the other day: His three-year-old keeps on mashing the brightly colored buttons on his MacBook’s Touch Bar, prematurely ending his participation in various video chats. Cute as that might be [Managing editor’s note: IT’S NOT CUTE], he…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Everything GitHub Users Are Getting for Free Right Now

Free GitHub users’ accounts were just updated in the best way: The online software development platform has dropped its $7 per month “Pro” tier, splitting that package’s features between the free tier and its formerly more expensive “Team” tier. This means that free GitHub users now have a couple of new features…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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