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How to Sync Your Microsoft Edge Tabs Across Your Devices

Edge Chromium is finally letting you sync your open tabs and browsing history between all of your devices. The long-promised features were expected to launch back in summer 2020, but they’re finally rolling out now after a few months in beta. Browsing history and open tab syncing works on Windows 10, macOS, Android,…Read more… Continue […]

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Ward Off Security Risks With Apple’s New Security and Privacy Guide

We try to cover just about everything you can do with your iPhone, but even if you feel like you’ve mastered Apple’s smartphone, there’s always something new you can learn. To help stay vigilant about the people (and companies) that can access your device, data, and account, Apple has released a super-useful support…Read more… Continue […]

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How to Restore Your M1 Mac if macOS Won’t Reinstall

Apple’s first generation of M1 Macs is slick, but some early adopters are running into a strange error that can render a new computer unusable. Those attempting to perform a full restore of macOS on an M1-equipped Mac or MacBook before upgrading to macOS Big Sur might experience a system-stopping warning over and…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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This Free macOS 8 Emulator Lets You Play ‘Oregon Trail’

macOS 8, not to be confused with OS X 10.8—which you’re probably much more familiar with—is a 1990s-era operating system that found a home on ancient Apple systems with decidedly old-school names, such as “Power Macintosh” and “PowerBook.” But now, you can use it for free on any modern Mac or Windows PC—or at least […]

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Everything You Need to Watch Netflix in 4K on Your Mac

Several Mac desktops and laptops have all the hardware they need to stream 4K HDR video from services like Netflix, but they’ve been hamstrung by Safari’s limited video codec support. Luckily, Apple is updating its stock browser with support for the HEVC codec so users can finally watch 4K HDR shows and movies on…Read more… […]

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