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Bust a Move on Your Lunch Break With This ‘90s-Inspired Dance Workout

Sometimes a lunch break workout is the right time for a careful practice of handstanding or one foot balancing. But if you have the space and some willing co-workers, why not crank up “Push It” in the break room and take five minutes for a dance party? Read more… Continue Reading at

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Blast Through a Circuit Workout With Just a City Bench

Today’s lunch break workout is a perfect one to take outside. After a no-equipment warmup, you’ll do two circuits of strength exercises, and two 30-second cardio bursts, with no more equipment than a sturdy bench. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Get a Workout Without Leaving Your Chair

This week’s lunch break workout is perfect for people who can’t move their legs, or who just don’t want to. That’s right, you’ll work your upper body and core without having to get out of a chair.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Use Your Lunch Break to Build Strength and Loosen Up From Hours of Sitting 

After sitting at your desk for hours working, the best remedy to unravel knotted up muscles is to move around. Take that a step further and try bodyweight workout “flows,” where you put your body through a series of unfamiliar movements that challenge, stretch, and build your muscles at the same time. Read more… Continue […]

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Improve Your Balance During Your Lunch Break 

Ever wish you had better balance? Today’s workout gives you a chance to work on that skill. It won’t leave you sore or sweaty, though! These exercises are all about neuromuscular training: getting your nerves and muscles to work together so you can control your body precisely. Read more… Continue Reading at

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The “Explosive Power” Workout You Can Do Over Your Lunch Break 

Get up from your desk! This won’t take long. Welcome to Lunch Break Workout, where we’ll share a short workout every Wednesday that you can do almost anywhere, with little to no equipment. Read more… Continue Reading at

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