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If You Wanted To Know What Heaven Looks Like, It’s Luftgekühlt 6

I will clarify at the start of this that I am, and always have been, a Porsche nerd. I love these cars, the community of enthusiasts they engender, and the history on display at the show colloquially known as “Luft”. Racing driver Patrick Long and master of artistic visuals Jeff Zwart, along with hundreds more […]

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Luftgekühlt’s New Rally-Ready Porsche 911 Build Makes Me Warm And Fuzzy With Glee

If “living the dream” had its own entry in the dictionary, you’d probably see a photo of Pat Long, Jeff Zwart and the rest of the Luftgekühlt crew hovering around their latest build. This is the LuftAuto 002 1987 Porsche 3.2 Carrera build, and it’s a perfect 911 built for the dirt. Read more… Continue […]

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