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When Are You Idiots Gonna Learn Not to Drive Your Box Trucks Into the Low-Ass Bridge

There’s one particular bridge in Durham, North Carolina that’s something of a celebrity around these parts. Despite the best intentions of local officials to warn drivers about it, people keep slamming into this 11-foot 8-inch high railroad truss, affectionately known as the Can Opener Bridge. The bridge claimed its…Read more… Continue Reading at

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That Low-Ass Bridge Will Not Stop Destroying Vans In 2018

The famed 11-foot-8 bridge, affectionately known as ‘the can-opener bridge’, is a train trestle in Durham, North Carolina that has been tearing the tops off of unsuspecting rental trucks for years. This particular crash happened on New Year’s Eve, and the trend doesn’t show any signs of ending in 2018, so hold on to…Read more… […]

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