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Stumbling Asshole Caught On Video Denting A Street-Parked Porsche

Alcohol is a hell-of-a drug, and it’s just about the only explanation I can come up with for why the person in this video was able to stumble so catastrophically straight into a street-parked 2001 Porsche Boxster S. Just wait until you see the dent.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Here’s Some Advice: Don’t Sell Your Car While You Are Extremely Drunk

If you’re incredibly drunk—so drunk that you will not remember important events that are occurring around you—try to resist selling your car for $579 in order to raise funds to continue getting drunker. Before you scoff and call this advice “unreasonable” and “absurd” and say things like “Erik, you sound like fun on…Read more… Continue […]

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Oblivious Dump Truck Driver Takes Out Highway Sign, Chaos Ensues

They tried to warn him, and he didn’t pay attention. Somehow I have to imagine it’s not hard for a truck driver to realize his massive truck bed is raised, and that it might cause problems while motoring down the highway. Here’s what happens when the truck driver, uh, doesn’t realize his mistake.Read more… Continue […]

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