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Thinness and Fitness Are Not the Same Thing

Mary Cain is not the first or the last person to be told she has to be thinner to be a better athlete, but her powerful story about quitting Nike’s running team shows just how harmful this idea can be. She says she was the “fastest girl in America” before she switched coaches and found […]

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How to Use Chalk at a Gym That Doesn’t Allow Chalk

Chalk helps your grip so much. Powerlifters know this, gymnasts know this, Olympic lifters know this. But if you lift at a commercial gym, you may have never gotten to know this wonderful substance; it’s pretty much never available, and often banned. Well, here’s how to bend the rules.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Go to the Gym Every Day on Vacation

Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. Travel can be stressful, some types of it especially so. Family vacations have drama built in, for example, no matter how nice your family is. So here’s your getaway tip: go to the gym every morning. Read more… Continue Reading at

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How Do You Get Someone to Stop Hogging Gym Equipment?

We asked for your gym etiquette questions, and you answered! Or, rather, asked. A lot. Thanks! Today we’ll tackle a tough question about what to do when somebody is using the equipment you want, and seemingly wasting their (and your) time. Read more… Continue Reading at

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