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Don’t Buy a New TV

The proposition is seemingly simple. A television should show you a moving picture, provide some accompanying sound, and ideally, blend in with your home decor. This has been the case since the invention of TV. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we saw the newest and best TVs. They’re…Read more… […]

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The Most Disappointing Gadgets of the Decade

For every major leap in technology, there have been plenty of face plants, ill-advised cash grabs, and just plan bad tech. So here are the gadgets and technology that absolutely screwed the pooch. Read more… Continue Reading at

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LG’s G7 ThinQ Is Too Clever For Its Own Good

In Fight Club, there’s a scene when after meeting Tyler Durden for the first time, the narrator cracks a joke about how the people you meet on airplanes are single-serving friends. And then, before even giving his seatmate a chance to respond, he launches into an explanation of his witty turn-of-phrase. But before he…Read more… […]

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LG’s G7 ThinQ Challenges the Best Android Phones With a Bag of Clever Tricks

LG Mobile is in a rut. Over the last two and a half years, its smartphone division has posted losses totaling over $1.5 billion, and a big reason for the company’s struggles has been poor sales of its flagship phones. When you look back to 2016, the LG G5 was doomed from the start. It […]

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Amazon’s Dishing Out Extra Cash Back On Select TVs When You Use a Prime Credit Card

With 5% back on all Amazon purchases, you should probably have one of Amazon’s credit cards anyway. Now though, they’re boosting that to 15% on a variety of Samsung TVs, and 10% on some drool-worthy LG OLED TVs. If you don’t already have a card, you can apply at either of those links for instant […]

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