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World leaders should take a cue from the International Space Station, say these former NASA astronauts

If you ask NASA astronauts Nicole Stott and Leland Melvin, the International Space Station is the ultimate symbol for global cooperation. An engineering feat, the ISS is the result of cooperation between five space agencies—NASA, the European Space Agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the Canadian Space…Read more… Continue Reading at

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We Chatted With the World’s Coolest Astronaut About Inspiring Kids and Sending Dogs to Space

Leland Melvin is a unicorn of a human being. He’s been drafted to the NFL, flown in the final frontier (twice), and now, written a book called Chasing Space. On the internet, the former NASA astronaut is best known for this unforgettable photo with his two dogs, Jake and Scout, who grace the cover of […]

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