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Here’s what’s coming to (and going from) Hulu in February

Last month, Hulu’s incoming titles weren’t especially stellar. If you’ve already caught up on Atlanta Season 2 and blazed through all 13 seasons of King of the Hill, you’re probably itching for something new. Thankfully, February brings a few promising options to keep you busy and out of the cold.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Legion settles down and reminds everyone it’s still a superhero show

Strip away all the dance routines, the cafeteria boats, the parables narrated by Jon Hamm, and Legion is fundamentally a story about a person trying to reinvent themselves after a lifetime of false premises and tragic mistakes. But also, he’s a mutant superhero trying to save the world—and the show is reminding us of…Read more… […]

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Legion’s Psychic Interpretive Dance Battles Are One of Its Most Brilliant Ideas

Interpretive dance, much like slam poetry, is a polarizing art form that people either passionately love or vehemently hate. If you’re someone who falls into the latter camp, then Legion might actually be what convinces you to change your mind. Dance has been a core part of Legion since the very first episode, but it…Read […]

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World of Warcraft Gets Level Scaling Today

As promised at Blizzcon 2017, today’s massive 7.3.5 update for World of Warcraft implements the level scaling introduced in the Legion expansion across the whole game. This allows players to tackle the game’s leveling zones in the order of their choosing, within limits. Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Best and Worst Television Moments of 2017

Holy crap was there a lot of television this year. While we’ve already covered our best and worst shows of the year, there were many specific moments in these series, as well as memorable highlights from shows that didn’t make it into our Top 10 list, that we’d be remiss to not highlight—or remind you […]

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World Of Warcraft’s Latest Would Have Made A Great Expansion

This is it. After fleeing from their home world thousands, hundreds or dozens of years ago (depending on lore revisions), World of Warcraft’s Draenei are ready to take back Argus from the Burning Legion, with the heroes of Azeroth by their side. Kind of beefy for a post-Legion expansion update, isn’t it? Read more… Continue […]

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