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Let’s Run Down The Past 24 Hours Of Riot Games’ Baffling Decisions

Immortals has been rejected from North America’s League of Legends Championship Series, which comes as a shock, given that the organization bought in back in 2015 and has since built one of the league’s largest support staffs for their LoL team. That still wasn’t quite enough of a commitment in League of Legends for…Read more… […]

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Pro League Of Legends Team Says It’s Losing More Than $1.1 Million A Year

European esports organization H2K issued a letter yesterday to the League of Legends community, saying it will not continue to participate in the European League Championship Series unless Riot Games creates a better financial structure for teams. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Inside The Growing Coaching Industry Supporting League Of Legends Teams

Competitive League of Legends has grown past just the five-player line-up. Coaching staff and more people in charge of training, guiding, and managing players are becoming necessary for a successful team eyeing a spot at the top of the League Championship Series.Read more… Continue Reading at

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