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Now That I’ve Got A Baby, It’s Harder To Enjoy A Game Like Destiny 2

I had a baby nine months ago. As you might expect, this has significantly changed my relationship with video games, at least temporarily. It has made the Nintendo Switch my favorite console of all time, because I can play it both on the big screen on the occasional evening and in my hands during naptime/train…Read […]

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Harassment Livestreams On Twitch Are Multiplying And Easy To Find

Earlier this week Kotaku UK ran an article from Charleyy Hodson about the sexual harassment she recently faced on Twitch while livestreaming in the site’s IRL category. Everyone seems to agree there’s a problem, but it’s not so easy to find consensus on how platforms like Twitch should be tackling it. Given the focus…Read more… […]

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Ark: Survival Evolved Studio Reverses Plan To Wipe The Servers

On Monday July 17th, we at Kotaku UK received an email about Ark: Survival Evolved, offering an interview with its developer Studio Wildcard to discuss a major change. Wildcard would today announce, we were told, that all official game servers would be wiped at launch, despite previously pledging that this would never…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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