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Zelda Player Builds Ridiculous Metal Block Contraption To Get NPC To Hyrule Castle

When going on a date in Hyrule, location is everything. One player decided to take the timid priestess Paya to his favorite location in the game: Hyrule Castle. After all, nothing’s more romantic than Ganon’s evil lair.Read more… Continue Reading at

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We Did A Resident Evil Escape Room And It Was Awesome

Getting locked in a room causes a lot of anxiety. Getting locked in a room modeled after Resident Evil’s Spencer Mansion? That’s downright scary. The Resident Evil Escape Experience seeks to capture all the intrigue and puzzle solving from the famous horror series. I set out to solve its secrets last night and had an…Read […]

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Far Cry 5 Is A Game About Resisting An American Militia, Will Be Out In February

Teased in the spring slot that Ubisoft usually reserves for announcing and hyping Assassin’s Creed games, the new Far Cry is getting a push by the mega-publisher as the ideal shooter for our precarious times. It’s also a game in which you’ll be able to have your dog rip out a guy’s throat and bring […]

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