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Overwatch’s Nicest Players Are Giving Me Anxiety

“Hey Orisa, awesome tanking!” one of my Overwatch teammates typed into chat after we lost a match a couple months ago. “Our Mercy was great, too!” The first time I saw this happen, I was pleasantly surprised. These days, though, I find myself overcome with a different emotion when confronted with an egregiously kind …Read […]

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Fix Your Bad Mood With a Selfless Act 

A single morning commute is enough time to gather a thousand seething resentments. People shove you, they litter, they smoke while blocking the sidewalk. By the time you show up at the office, you might be in full Rorschach-from-Watchmen mode. Instead, fill yourself with the cleansing fire of a kind act.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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How to Raise Boys and Girls to Reject Sexist Stereotypes

I knew even before I had a daughter that I was going to raise her to laugh in the face of sexist stereotypes, to be whoever she wanted to be and to do her part in keeping the world safe for others to do the same. And then we got the ultrasound and it turned […]

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