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88Rising announces full lineup and new electronic stage for Head in the Clouds Festival 2019

Since its inception in 2015, 88Rising has carved out a special place in the music and arts space as the definitive voice of cutting-edge Asian culture and artistry. Championing artists from Rich Brian to Joji, Higher Brothers to Keith Ape, and more, 88Rising broke grounds when it launched the inaugural Head in the Clouds Music […]

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Five Loud Luxury cuts to throw on rotation ahead of the duo’s performance at NYC’s Marquee Nightclub

Loud Luxury clinched the attention of the musical mainstream with the release of their undeniable hit, “Body.” Armed with an animated lyrical hook and an equally vivacious beat well suited for open-air dancing, “Body” quickly became a sonic sensation. The single catapulted the Canadian duo, comprised of Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace, into musical centrality. […]

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