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Insomniac Developer Reveals A Spider-Man PS4 Easter Egg Nobody Noticed

Spider-Man on PS4 was filled with little secrets and easter eggs. From a failed marriage proposal to Seinfeld references and more, the game is packed with easter eggs. But one secret was so subtle it seems nobody actually noticed it until someone at Insomniac revealed it on Twitter. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Yes, Corporations Should Boycott Tucker Carlson For Anti-Immigrant Remarks

During a rant about immigrants last week, Tucker Carlson told his audience that accepting them into the United States would make the country “poorer and dirtier and more divided.” He blamed Democrats for telling people like him to “shut up and accept this.” Since then, 20 corporations have cut …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Jewish Professor’s Office Vandalized By Anti-Semites

Professor Elizabeth Midlarsky had her office at New York’s Columbia Teachers’ College vandalized with Nazi swastikas this week. She also found the Jewish slur “Yid” painted on her office door.  Midlarsky, who has applied her training as a clinical psychologist to the field of Holocaust … Continue reading

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MEMBERS ONLY: The Pittsburgh Massacre Is Why I Stopped Talking to My Trump-Voting Family

It’s tempting to call my in-laws to see if they feel the slightest bit of shame over their continued support for Trump but, frankly, I seriously doubt it. That would require them to understand their culpability….To continue reading this article, please go here. As a Banter Member you’ll get …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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