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Jewish Professor’s Office Vandalized By Anti-Semites

Professor Elizabeth Midlarsky had her office at New York’s Columbia Teachers’ College vandalized with Nazi swastikas this week. She also found the Jewish slur “Yid” painted on her office door.  Midlarsky, who has applied her training as a clinical psychologist to the field of Holocaust … Continue reading

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Prominent Jewish Americans Give their Soul to Work for Racist Donald Trump

Along with many other black writers across the country, I have made former presidential candidate and now HUD Secretary Ben Carson the object of my disappointment in aligning himself with Donald Trump. Carson has been rightfully skewered for his ignorant political views and selling his …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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White British Lord Sentenced To 3 Months In Prison For Mocking Colored Guyanese Woman

The West has reached a stage in its decline at which private individuals are able to criminalize other private individuals by taking offence at them. The obvious problem with this is that, although practically anyone can find someone to offend them for some reason, only those who are reputable and within reach of the law […]

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Can Ivanka Trump Become The Jewish American Princess We Actually Need?

When I first learned that CNN dubbed Ivanka Trump the most powerful Jewish woman in America, I didn’t exactly kvell. Not to kvetch or anything, but actually I felt a little shpilkes. CNN has a lot of chutzpah.The “powerful” part was annoying enough. Power is a difficult thing to measure in a world …Continue reading […]

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