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Tonight’s Jeopardy! Contestants Knew Absolutely Nothing About Football

Football is, admittedly, a somewhat complicated sport with a byzantine rulebook. However, tonight’s trio of Jeopardy! contestants fell incredibly, woefully short of answering a single question in the whole football category correctly, which is honestly kind of impressive.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Jeopardy! Dummy Beats Even Bigger Dummies With $1

Defending Jeopardy! champion Manny Abell wasn’t doing so hot heading into Final Jeopardy last night. Abell had accrued just $1,000, trailing both Carlos Nobleza Posas and Fran Fried by a cool $11,300, and he needed a lot to break in his favor for him to make up that difference. Thanks to a panel-wide misunderstanding…Read more… […]

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