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New Cars That Need to Die (and Driving a ’90s JDM Rally Cheating Legend)

Automotive technology changes, design moves forward, performance capabilities climb. But for some reason there are cars that seem to not even get a hint of that innovation. Cars like the Mitsubishi Mirage, the Chevy Impala, and even the Toyota Land Cruiser—how and why do they still exist in their current form?Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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This Oddly Cute Little Car Was the First Mass-Produced 4×4 Passenger Car Even Before the Jeep

Four-wheel drive vehicles have been around longer than you may realize; there were experiments by Joseph Diplock in 1893, and the first real car Ferdinand Porsche engineered, the 1900 Lohner-Porsche Mixed Hybrid, was a 4WD hybrid electric car. When we think of mass-produced 4WD passenger cars, though, most people…Read more… Continue Reading at

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I Went to a Japanese Car Meet and Came Back With Many Pictures and Opinions

Yesterday’s colossal Japanese car meet was cool enough to remind me that I am definitely still all about tuner cars. If you couldn’t make it to LA’s Petersen Museum to see it for yourself, don’t worry, I have lots of pictures and opinions for you right here.Read more… Continue Reading at

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We Have Reached The Best Era Of Japanese Imports In America

Thanks to America’s arbitrary, dealer-imposed car import laws and a lack of political will to change them, the enthusiasts of our nation—despite being the “most free” and “best” one in the world—are barred from bringing in cars younger than 25 years of age. This is a shame, but as we edge closer to 2018, an…Read […]

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