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Sonic The Hedgehog Is Teaming Up With Hooters (Yes, Hooters)

While Sega says it’s created guidelines for Sonic, the assumption would be that promoting-Sonic-with-Hooters falls under them. I guess? Today at the Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced that it will be collaborating for a Sonic Forces promotion. Read more… Continue Reading at

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When Tokyo’s Supercar Owners Get Bored They Invite Everyone To See Them Race

Another day, another event at Fuji Speedway. But this one was slightly different. It’s not a Super GT race nor is it a massive meet of Liberty Walk’s tuned cars. Instead, this is the Super Car Race. Not an original name, but direct. It’s the result of a gap in Japanese motorsports for the casual […]

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Toyota’s New Japanese GR Performance Line Is So Thrilling I Fell Asleep

Akio Toyoda is a man who lives for speed. He’s an amateur racer. He’s the patron saint of the rear-drive 86 coupe. He’s the driving force behind Lexuses that are fast and powerful. He secretly takes old race cars out of the Toyota vault and challenges teens to illegal drift contests. (Okay, not the last […]

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