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Your Guide to Steppenwolf, the Villain of Justice League, and DC’s Other ‘New Gods’

Justice League finally hits theaters this week, and while its villain, Steppenwolf, is not the big bad many were expecting when the movie was first revealed, he opens up the gateway to a whole new corner of DC Comics canon: Jack Kirby’s legendary Fourth World and its New Gods. Here’s a spoiler-free guide to…Read more… […]

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Iconic Thor Creator Walt Simonson Talks About Jack Kirby, the Most Important Comics Storyteller Ever

Today is the 100th birthday of comics legend Jack Kirby, the artist who co-created many of Marvel’s most famous superhero characters, including Thor. In the video below, hall-of-fame creator Walt Simonson talks about Kirby and the impact his work had on his own career, and the medium of comics overall.Read more… Continue Reading at

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