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Why Knowing the ‘Rate of Return’ Is the Key to Retirement Planning

Do you remember that time Suze Orman said we should take all the money we’re “peeing down the drain” on coffee and invest it instead? You could take the $100 a month you spend on coffee, she said (yelled? I think she yelled) and end up with a million dollars for your retirement. Read more… […]

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Learn How Your Investments Might Perform Based on Your Ratio of Stocks to Bonds

When markets get volatile, people start wondering whether they should sell their stocks or move more of their money into bonds. Before you make your next investment decision, it’s worth looking at how different ratios of stocks to bonds have performed over time—understanding, of course, that oft-repeated investing…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Think About Your Finances in Terms of What You’re Not Buying

A lot of us think about our money in terms of what it can get us. When we’re earning X (or when we’ve saved X), we can purchase Y. But if you’re working towards long-term wealth—whether for financial security, financial independence, or retirement—it’s just as important to think about what you’re not buying.Read more… Continue […]

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Don’t Assume the Default 401(k) Contribution Is Enough

When you opened up your 401(k), you were probably presented with a few default options. Maybe your workplace automatically put 3% of your paycheck towards 401(k) contributions, for example. Maybe you were told that the company would match your contributions up to 5%, so you elected to contribute 5% to get that company…Read more… Continue […]

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How to Keep Negative Compounding From Derailing Your Financial Goals

Every penny counts, when you’re saving for retirement or another big financial goal. That includes the pennies you’re paying in brokerage fees and losing to expense ratios—which can add up to a lot more than you realize, thanks to what’s called “negative compounding.”Read more… Continue Reading at

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