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Should You Invest in a 401(k) or Roth 401(k)?

Welcome to The Statement, Lifehacker’s new weekly personal finance newsletter. I’m Alicia Adamczyk, Lifehacker’s money writer, and every Wednesday I’ll cover the most pressing money issues of the week and answer reader questions about any aspect of your financial lives.Read more… Continue Reading at

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No Statistic Will Help You Beat the Market 

There’s a statistic for everything, especially in investing. Writers and financial experts love to pick out minutiae from the markets and posit that they mean something BIG and EXPLOSIVE about the state of the economy—and now that you know it too, you have some sort of investing edge. (If you were paying attention to…Read more… […]

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Apply This Investing Principle to Your Everyday Life

To form habits, financial or otherwise, you have to put in the work. Often that means making small changes or tweaks consistently over a long period of time. Days, weeks, months, years—if you really want to change your behavior, you have to commit yourself to something for a long time.Read more… Continue Reading at

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